NTPC Limited
(A Government of India Enterprise)
(Domestic Competitive Bidding)
NIT No: 9900211835 Date: 20.11.2020
1.0 NTPC invites on-line bids on Single Stage Two Envelope Basis (i.e. Envelope-I:
Techno-Commercial Bid and Envelope-II: Price Bid) from eligible Bidders for
aforesaid package for Bongaigaon Thermal Power Project (750 MW) situated at
Kokrajhar district of Assam State and is approximately 15Kms from Kokrajhar. The
Project site is situated between Kokrajhar and New Bongaigaon railway station of North
Eastern Frontier Railway. Bongaigaon town is about 35 Kms away from the Project Site,
as per the scope of work briefly mentioned hereinafter.
2.0 Brief Details
Source of NIT
, Talcher
Document Sale Commencement Date 20.11.2020
Last Date of receipt of queries from prospective
Last Date & Time for submission of bids (both Techno-
Commercial and Price) and Bid Documents sale close
15:30:00 (IST)
Techno-Commercial Bid Opening Date & Time 12.12.2020 16:00:00 (IST)
Price Bid Opening Date & Time Shall be Intimated Separately
Tender Fee in INR 4,500/-
EMD / Bid Security in INR 20.00 Lakh
Estimated cost of work in INR
3.0 A complete set of Bidding Documents may be downloaded free of cost by any interested
Bidder from https://eprocurentpc.nic.in. No hard copy Bidding Documents shall be
issued. Corrigendum (if any) shall be available on our e-tender website
https://eprocurentpc.nic.in only.
4.0 Online payment of Tender fee and Bid security/EMD on GPNIC portal through SBI
Gateway has already been implemented (Refer help document attached for Online
payment on GPNIC portal). Bidder may refer relevant provisions of SCC for other mode
of payment of Tender Fee & EMD, if any. Any bid without an acceptable Tender Fee
and Bid Security shall be treated as non-responsive by the employer and shall not
be opened.
5.0 Qualifying Requirements
The bidders who wish to participate in the bidding process shall satisfactorily establish that they
fulfill the following Qualifying Requirements.:
5.1.1 The bidder should have executed/completed Similar Works during the last seven (7)
years, as on last date of the month preceding the month of publication of NIT, having minimum
contract/ order values as indicated below:
(a) One order of value not less than Rs. 8.34 Crore,
(b) Two orders, each of value not less than Rs. 5.21 Crore,
(c) Three orders, each of value not less than Rs. 4.17 Crore.
Similar Work means: Works comprising of RCC framed residential/ Non-residential building
including Civil & Finishing works, Internal Electrification works, Plumbing & Sanitary works.
(i) The term “executed/completed” means the bidder should have achieved the criteria specified
at Clause No. 5.1.1 of QR above, even if the total contract/order is not completed / closed. In
case of contract/order under execution as on last date of the month preceding the month of
publication of NIT, the value of work executed against contract/order till such date shall be
considered, provided the same is certified by the Owner/Project Authority.
(ii) Reference work executed by a Bidder as a sub-contractor may also be considered provided
the certificate issued by main contractor is duly certified by Owner/Project Authority specifying
the scope of work executed by the sub-contractor in support of Qualifying Requirements.
(iii) In case of composite work/BOQ, the bidder shall have to furnish Certificate from
Owner/Project Authority certifying the value of specific nature of work, as mentioned in clause
5.2.1 The average annual turnover of the bidder in the preceding three (3) Financial Years as
on the date of techno-commercial bid opening shall not be less than Rs.6.95 Crore ( Indian
Rupees Six Crore Ninety Five Lakh only).
5.2.2 The Net Worth of the bidder , as on the last day of preceding Financial Year , shall not be
less than 100 % of its paid up share capital.
In case the bidder meets the requirement of Net worth based on the strength of its subsidiary
(ies) and / or Holding Company and / or Subsidiaries of its Holding companies wherever
applicable, the net worth of the bidder and its subsidiary (ies) and / or Holding Company and /
or Subsidiaries of its Holding companies, in combined manner should not be less than 100% of
their total paid up share capital. However, individually, their net worth should not be less than
75% of their respective paid up share capital. For consortiums/ Joint ventures, wherever
applicable, the Net worth of all consortiums/ Joint venture members in combined manner should
not be less than 100% of their paid up share capital. However individually, their Net worth
should not be less than 75% of their respective paid up share capitals.
5.2.3 In case the bidder is not able to furnish its audited financial statement on standalone entity
basis, the unaudited unconsolidated financial statements of the bidder can be considered
acceptable provided the bidder furnishes the following further documents on substantiation of
its qualification.
a) Copies of unaudited unconsolidated financial statement of the bidder along with copies of
audited consolidated financial statements of the Holding Company.
b) A certificate from the CEO/CFO of the Holding Company, as per format enclosed in the bid
documents, stating that the unaudited unconsolidated financial statements form part of the
consolidated Annual Report of the Company.
5.2.4 In case where audited results for the last financial year as on date of Techno commercial
bid opening are not available, the financial results certified by a practicing Chartered
Accountant shall be considered acceptable. In case, bidder is not able to submit the certificate
from practicing Chartered Accountant certifying its financial parameters, the audited results of
three consecutive financial years preceding the last financial year shall be considered for
evaluating the financial parameters.
Further, a certificate would be required from the CEO/CFO as per the format enclosed in the
bidding documents stating that the financial results of the company are under audit as on the
date of Techno Commercial bid opening and the certificate from the practicing Chartered
Accountant certifying the financial parameters is not available
5.2.5 In case a bidder does not satisfy the financial criteria, stipulated at clause 5.2.1 and/or
clause 5.2.2 above on its own, the Holding Company would be required to meet the stipulated
turnover requirements at clause 5.2.1 above, provided that the net worth of such Holding
Company as on the last day of the preceding financial year is at least equal to or more than the
paid up share capital of the Holding Company. In such an event, the bidder would be required
to furnish along with its bid, a Letter of Undertaking from the Holding Company, supported by
Board Resolution, as per the format enclosed in the bid documents, pledging unconditional and
irrevocable financial support for the execution of the Contract by the bidder in case of award.
5.2.6 Notes:
i) Net worth means the sum total of the paid up share capital and free reserves. Free reserve
means all reserves credited out of the profits and share premium account but does not include
reserves credited out of the revaluation of the assets, write back of depreciation provision and
amalgamation. Further, any debit balance of Profit and Loss account and miscellaneous
expenses to the extent not adjusted or written off, if any, shall be reduced from reserves and
ii) Other income shall not be considered for arriving at annual turnover.
iii) “Holding Company” and “Subsidiary Company shall have the meaning ascribed to them as
per Companies Act of India
6.0 Brief Scope of Work
The brief scope of work under this package shall include:
Construction of permanent school building including Civil and Internal Electrification, Telephone
network etc. at Township of NTPC BgTPP, Salakati as per BOQ , Specification, Terms and
Conditions, drawings and instruction of Engineer-in-Charge.
“Bongaigaon Thermal Power Project, has been declared a Mega Power Project by Ministry of
Power (Govt. of India). Accordingly, supplies of goods for this package shall be eligible for the
benefits / exemptions as per provisions of relevant policy & Notifications of Govt. of India.”
"NTPC shall allow purchase preference, as indicated in the bidding documents, to bids
from local suppliers as defined in the bidding documents. The bidders may apprise
themselves of the relevant provisions of bidding documents in this regard before
submission of their bids."
9.0 Any Bidder from a country which shares a land border with India’, as specified in the
Bidding Documents, will be eligible to bid in this tender only if bidder is registered with
the Competent Authority as mentioned in the Bidding Documents.
10.0 NTPC reserves the right to amend any bid/ tender conditions through appropriate
CORRIGENDUMS published in the portal AT ANY TIME. NTPC also reserves the right
to extend/change the bidding schedule through publishing necessary CORRIGENDUMS
in the portal if the situation demands so AT ANY TIME. The corrigendum as decided by
NTPC and deemed fit would be published in the portal as per provisions therein. This
para prevails over the relevant provisions in Instructions to Bidders (Section-II) of the bid
documents. The corrigendum/amendment as published/ posted in the portal will be
binding on the Bidders and it will be assumed that the information contained therein have
been taken into account by the Bidder in its bid. Bidders are advised to regularly check
the tender regarding posting of Amendments/ Corrigendums, if any.
11.0 Issuance of Bidding Documents to any bidder shall not construe that bidder is
considered qualified.
The bidders shall have to necessarily upload the documents in support of meeting the
qualifying requirements as mentioned above along with their offer in PreQual/Technical
Cover, which inter alia shall include the following:
a. Duly filled up Attachment-3 and documentary evidence in support of meeting the
qualifying requirements stipulated above which should include experience of works as
specified in QR with self certified and stamped copies of Work Orders/Award letters with
proof of execution in the form of completion certificate/ final amendment copies/ copy of
final bill and other related documents stating that the work order given in support of
qualifying requirements has been executed. Proof of Turnover/Balance Sheet duly
certified by Chartered Accountant for the last three years, latest Banker’s Solvency
b. Bidder shall furnish Bid Security, Tender Fee, Integrity Pact, Power of Attorney and
Joint Deed of Undertaking(s) (if applicable) separately offline as detailed in Bidding
Documents by the stipulated bid submission closing date and time at the address given
c. Partnership Deed / Affidavit for Proprietorship / Article of Association including changes
in the “CONSTITUTION OF THE FIRM, (IF ANY)”, (Copy of certification with appropriate
d. Documentary evidence of having independent PF registration No. from RPF
Commissioner & PAN, and GSTIN No.
13.0 In case the bidder fails to submit the documents in support of meeting the QR, the offer
shall be liable for rejection. Offer of the bidder not fulfilling the QR shall be rejected and
not considered for evaluation further.
14.0 This is a WORKS CONTRACT and MSME Benefit SHALL NOT BE applicable.
Micro and small Enterprises (MSEs) registered with District Industries Centers or Khadi
and Village Industries Commission or Khadi and Village Industries Board or Coir Board
or National Small Industries Corporation or Directorate of Handicrafts and Handloom or
any other body specified by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises as per
MSMED Act 2006 for goods produced and services rendered, shall be issued the bidding
documents free of cost and shall be exempted from paying Earnest Money Deposit.
The benefit as above to MSEs shall be available only for goods/ services produced &
provided by MSEs for which they are registered.
MSEs seeking exemption and benefits should enclose a attested/self certified copy of
valid registration certificate, giving details such as validity, stores/services etc. failing
which they run the risk of their bid being passed over as ineligible for the benefits
applicable to MSEs.
15.0 NTPC reserves the right to reject any or all bids or cancel/withdraw the Invitation For
Bids (IFB) for the subject package without assigning any reason whatsoever and in such
case no bidder/intending bidder shall have any claim arising out of such action.
16.0 Address for Communication
S. S. Sahu, AGM (CS)/ Nitin Chandra, Sr. Mgr. (CS)
NTPC Limited,
SSC ER-II, Administrative Building,
ODISHA-- 759 147,
DIAL : 06760-247244/ 06760-247093
E-mail: sssahu@ntpc.co.in / nitinchandra@ntpc.co.in
Websites: www.ntpctender.com or www.ntpc.co.in
or https://eprocurentpc.nic.in
Registered Office
NTPC Limited
NTPC Bhawan, SCOPE Complex,
7, Institutional Area, Lodi Road,
New Delhi – 110003
Corporate Identification Number: L40101DL1975GOI007966,
Website: www.ntpc.co.in