NTPC Limited
(A Government of India Enterprise)
EOC Noida Office
Operation & Maintenance Contract of Electrical Systems including DG Sets installed at NTPC-
PMI, Sector-16A, Noida for a period of 01 year.
[Domestic Competitive Bidding]
NIT No: 9900187682 Date: 08/11/2019
1.0 NTPC invites on-line bids from eligible Bidders for aforesaid package, as per the scope of
work briefly mentioned herein after:
2.0 Brief Details
NIT Date
Tender ID
Tender Reference
Document Sale Commencement Date & Time
07/11/2019, 18:00 Hrs (IST)
Source of NIT
Delhi & Noida Office (HR-Contract)
Contract Classification
Last Date and Time for Bid submission
20/11/2019, 14:00 Hrs (IST)
Technical Bid Opening Date & Time
21/11/2019, 14:30 Hrs (IST)
Price Bid Opening Date & Time
To be intimated later
Cost of Bidding Documents in INR
EMD / Bid Security in INR
Pre-Bid Conference Date & Time (if any)
Reverse Auction
Not Applicable
3.0 Cost of Bidding Documents and Bid Security shall be submitted in a sealed envelope
separately by the stipulated bid submission closing date and time at the address given below.
Any bid without an acceptable Cost of Bidding Documents and Bid Security shall be treated
as non-responsive by the employer and shall not be opened.
4.0 The bidding document is available online. A complete set of Bidding Documents may be
downloaded by any interested Bidder from the NTPC tender website
https://eprocurentpc.nic.in .
The Bidder would be required to register in the website. First time users are required to
register themselves on NTPC tender website after filling up the required details. Users whose
email address has not been linked to a vendor code allotted by NTPC/ first time users not
allotted any vendor code by NTPC, should send a copy of the registration details to the e-mail
address specified in this NIT under Address for Communication with following details at least
three working days prior to Technical Opening Date:
i. Request on the letter head of the Company
ii. Copy of GST Registration
iii. Copy of PAN no.
iv. Email ID and Contact No.
v. Name and Designation of the contact person
vi. Cancelled cheque & EFT form duly verified by bank
vii. MSE certificate.
Note: Format of EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) is attached along with bidding documents
5.0 Brief Scope of Work and other Specific details:
Operation & Maintenance Contract of Electrical Systems DG Sets installed at NTPC-PMI,
Sector 16A, NOIDA for a period of one (01) year. The work is of maintenance in nature and
consists of different items to be supplied on as and when required basis.
6.0 Downloading / Issuance of bidding documents to any bidder shall not construe that
bidder is considered qualified.
7.0 Qualifying Requirements for Bidders:
7.1 The bidder should have a valid Electrical license.
7.2 The average annual turnover of the bidder, in the preceding three (03) financial years as on
the date of Techno-Commercial bid opening shall not be at less than Rs. 1,09,05,000/-
(a)While computing the turnover other income shall not be considered.
(b)In cases where audited results for the last financial year as on the date of Techno
commercial bid opening are not available, the financial results certified by a practicing
Chartered Accountant shall be considered acceptable. In case, bidder is not able to submit the
certificate from practicing Chartered Accountant certifying its financial parameters, the
audited results of three consecutive financial years preceding the last financial year shall be
considered for evaluating the financial parameters. Further a certificate would be required
from the CEO/CFO as per the format enclosed in the bidding documents stating that the
financial results of the company are under audit as on the date of Techno-commercial bid
opening and the certificate from the practicing Chartered Accountant certifying the financial
parameters is not available.
7.3 The bidder should have successfully executed/ completed any one of the following works in
preceding seven (07) years as on the date of techno-commercial bid opening, which includes
Operation / Maintenance of HT/LT electrical system, inclusive of DG set operation in India:
One executed/completed work having executed value not less than Rs. 87,23,500/-
Two executed/completed works having executed value not less than Rs.54,52,200/-
Three executed/completed works having executed value not less than Rs.43,61,800/-
The work "executed" means the bidder should have achieved the criteria specified in the QR,
even if the total contract is not completed / closed.
In case of contracts under execution as on date of bid opening, the value of work completed
till the date of bid opening will be considered provided the value of executed work is certified
by the employer.
8.0 NTPC shall allow preference, as indicated in the bidding documents, to bids from MSE &
local suppliers as defined in the bidding documents. The bidders may apprise themselves of
the relevant provisions of bidding documents in this regard before submission of their bids.
9.0 NTPC reserves the right to reject any or all bids or cancel / withdraw the Notice Inviting
Tender [NIT] for the subject package without assigning any reason whatsoever and in such
case no bidder/intending bidder shall have any claim arising out of such action.
10.0 Address for Communication:
NTPC LTD., 1st Floor, EOC,
Plot No. A-8A, Sector 24,
NOIDA (UP), India-201 301.
Phone: 0120 - 2410561, 0120-3776188,
Fax: 0120 – 2410009,
Email: manojsinha@ntpc.co.in.
NTPC LTD., 1st Floor, EOC,
Plot No. A-8A, Sector 24,
NOIDA (UP), India-201 301.
Phone: 0120- 4948112,
Fax: 0120 – 2410009,
Email: rakeshgari@ntpc.co.in.