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April 5, 2020 5:25:30 PM IST
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FAQs by SubVendors

Question   How to get a vendor name registered/empanelled for supply of equipment for NTPC Projects?
  NTPC executes power plants by awarding contracts covering the specified scope of work to main contractors. The main contractor is responsible for performance/guarantee of the complete package including bought out items and out sourced processes as such the system of registration/empanelment of sub-vendors at Corporate Centre independent of a contract package is not applicable. However, if a sub-vendor is proposed by a bidder in pre-award stage for a particular project package with sufficient back up details of their previous experience of similar items but no past experience details are available for NTPC Projects awarded through Corporate Contracts then name of such sub-vendors are identified in 'DR' (DETAILS REQUIRED) category. Capacity and capability assessment of sub-vendor is carried out by NTPC based on desired details submitted by main contractor (successful bidder) for consideration of acceptance for the particular contract package within a time bound programme.

Question   What is 'DR'?
  The sub-vendors for different bought out items are required to be proposed by a bidder in its bid for a particular contract package. If, NTPC does not have past experience with some of the proposed sub-vendors then such sub-vendors are tied-up as ‘DR’ (DETAILS REQUIRED) category sub-vendors for the particular contract package, which means various details regarding their capacity and capability are required to be submitted by main contractor (successful bidder) for carrying out an objective assessment before they are accepted for supplying the identified product/equipment/system for that particular contract package.

Question   How to get NTPC sub-vendors questionnaire details?
  Please note that various formats for submitting the details to facilitate sub-vendor assessment are handed over to the successful bidder at the time of post-bid discussions. It is the responsibility of the main contractor to get details of 'DR' category sub-vendors compiled and submitted to NTPC for the particular contract package.

Question   Who are NTPC's Main Contractors & how to contact them?
  At Corporate Centre, the procurement for different packages of a particular project are carried out through open advertisements in the leading newspapers of all regions of India and the details of these advertisements are also available on this NTPC dedicated website. Any bidder who is satisfying the qualifying requirements mentioned in such open advertisements can quote for a particular contract package. The successful bidder becomes the main contractor for a particular contract package. Thus, the bidding process is an open process and NTPC cannot identify the list of main contractors for a particular contract package. However, the leading national/international prospective bidders supplying the main plant and auxiliary equipments of Power Plants may be contacted depending on the product line of the sub-vendor.

Question   Whether NTPC takes up assessment of a sub-vendor without the same being proposed by a main contractor?
  NTPC do not have any system of vendor registration independent of a package contract, hence no sub-vendor assessment can be taken up if a sub-vendor approaches NTPC-CQA directly.

Question   If a sub-vendor is ISO-9001 certified company – OR
The proposed products are type tested as per IS/IES/BS/VDE/UL/FM/TUV etc. – OR
The sub-vendor has experience of having supplied to NTPC sites against site orders for O&M or to other customers with NTPC as a third party inspection agency.
Can NTPC consider such sub-vendors as approved sub-vendor?
  No. However, once a sub-vendor name is identified under 'DR' category in the mutually agreed sub-vendor list for a particular contract package awarded to the main contractor by Corporate Contracts Departments of NTPC, Corporate Quality Assurance Department has an independent procedure of assessment and acceptance based on the details furnished for capacity and capability assessment and subject approvals or certifications or past experience available with the sub-vendor are given due consideration.

Question   Once an assessment is done and a sub-vendor is not accepted due to some shortcomings/deficiencies then how the sub-vendor can be reassessed after overcoming the shortcomings/deficiencies?
  For any reassessment, the consideration has to be on the basis of fresh proposals from the bidders in the subsequent packages and upon identification in 'DR' category at the pre-award stage.

Question   If the manufacturing premises are shifted OR there is a change in the management or name of the company other things remaining same would the approval be extended automatically?
  No, any change in premises, manufacturing and testing facilities, management set up, name of establishment etc would require a reassessment after due consideration of details of such change which need to be furnished by the main contractor in advance.

Question   Does NTPC approval for a particular product automatically qualify for approval of other range of manufactured products also?
  The acceptance against a package contract is given by NTPC for a particular product (type/size/rating) of a sub-vendor for which proposal is given by the main contractor. For all other products/extension of type/size/rating of a particular product, reassessment has to be done by NTPC for the purpose of consideration of acceptance by following the same procedure and no automatic acceptance is possible.

Question   Who are approved vendors of NTPC for a particular product?
  NTPC does not have any empanelment of approved vendors for a particular product/equipment/system. However, the sub-vendors who have worked with NTPC in the past and no adverse performance feedback is available from NTPC project sites and if such sub-vendors are proposed by a bidder for a particular contract package then these sub-vendors are considered as acceptable sub-vendors for the particular contract package subject to due tie-up at the post bid stage which eventually becomes the part of LOA.

Question   If a Foreign supplier has supplied equipments to NTPC projects in the past and a facility is now set up in India in collaboration with the foreign supplier and the manufacturing facilities/infrastructure/testing are same as that of foreign collaborator, can NTPC consider such Indian sub-vendor as an approved vendor?
  No, any change in place of manufacture would call for reassessment as per the procedure.

Question   Can sub-vendors name be included during post award stage?
  Normally NO! However during the execution of the contract NTPC may consider the main contractor proposals of new sub-vendors under certain exceptional circumstances if it is in the overall interest of a particular contract package.

Question   What is the procedure for registration of sub-vendors for supply of items to NTPC sites for operation and maintenance (O&M) requirements?
  The requirement of sub-vendor registration etc. for procurement to be done by NTPC sites for O&M requirements are not covered under the subject of Corporate Centre awarded project packages. For such details please contact Heads of Contracts and Materials of concerned projects/plants.

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